Action Aid  
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ActionAid supports people in developing countries to stand up for their rights. In more than 45 countries, we work side by side with advocates for a fair world. With people who stand up against injustice and who, like us, believe in equal opportunities for everyone. Women's rights are central to this. ActionAid tackles the root causes of poverty and inequality. We listen to what people really need and support local partners to implement their plans. 
Key words: inequality, women’s rights, poverty  

 Africa in Motion 
Africa In Motion (AIM) strives to accelerate the sustainable social economic development of Africa. The expertise on realizing this circular economy is worldwide available, but the bridge between solutions and challenges has not been made efficiently. Africa In Motion actively searches for these solutions in Europe and connects them to the challenges we know are faced by government, companies and knowledge institutions in Africa. We do this by enhancing the economic relationship between Europe and Africa and by empowering African diaspora in the Netherlands. 
Key words: sustainable economic development of Africa 

Boerenverstand is a consultancy that works in practical and innovative ways for a sustainable agriculture: good for the earth, for the animals, for the farmer and for the consumer! They work together with pioneers and a group of farmers. 
Key words: sustainable agriculture 

 Both ENDS  
Together with environmental justice groups from the Global South, Both ENDS works towards a sustainable, fair and inclusive world. We gather and share information about policy and investments that have a direct impact on people and their livelihood, we engage in joint advocacy, we stimulate the dialogue between stakeholders and we promote and support sustainable local alternatives. 
Key words: climate justice, land and water governance, human rights and gender 

Cityplot believes that it is possible to grow healthy organic food on all scales in and around the city: from private growing spaces to community gardens, from schools and restaurants to large-scale urban food growing projects. They start with the basics: from planting seeds to composting, and from attracting pollinators to your garden to harvesting. Cityplot demonstrates how simple and fun it is to provide healthy and sustainable alternatives to the global food system while creating holistic lifestyles for yourself and those around you. They encourage city dwellers to grow their own vegetables, herbs, edible flowers and fruit and give them the tools to do so.
Key words: urban gardening, sustainable food systems, organic food

Extinction Rebellion Nederland
Extinction Rebellion (XR) is a global citizen movement dedicated to protecting the survival of life on Earth. XR members are using nonviolent, disruptive and creative actions to increase pressure on governments to take action against the climate and environmental crisis. Currently, more than 200.000 people in more than sixty countries worldwide have joined and almost forty local groups are active in the Netherlands. Call for an internship at XR:
Key words: activism, climate change, environmental crisis, international 

La via Campesina
The European Coordination Via Campesina is a European grassroots organization. Rooted on the right to Food Sovereignty, their main objective is the defence of farmers’ and field workers’ rights as well as the promotion of diverse and sustainable family and peasant farming. These principles in turn demand food and agricultural policies based on legitimacy, fairness, solidarity and sustainability. This is necessary to ensure food security, food safety, public health, employment in rural areas and to tackle the issues of the global food crisis and climate change. They demand the development of a new and improved EU agricultural policy based on the above principles. Every six months ECVC takes on two interns, one for translation and interpreting and one for coordination and general support. Click here to know more about internship opportunities in ECVC 
Key words: agriculture, Europe, farmers rights, food security and safety, sustainability 

The Mas Newen Foundation
The Mas Newen Foundation is on a mission to revitalize your body, the planet and its living cultures.

Mas Newen means More Life Force. We are building a coalition of (small-holder) farmers, indigenous communities, land-holders, scientists, purpose driven companies, NGO’s and governmental institutions to restore large-scale ecosystems in Central Chile with a focus on building a Blue Regenerative Economy to restore the Chilean Winter Rainfall-Valdivian Forest. This ecosystem in central Chile is among the high priority areas for the United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration 2021-2030. We support the autonomy, self-determination and healthy livelihoods of communities in Central Chile, in alignment with their ancestral cosmovisions and practices. Together, we assume our role as land stewards in service of our living ecosystems and and the vitality of our planet for future generations.
Key words: regeneration, blue economic development, ecosystem restoration, cooperatives, self-determination, Central Chile.

OpenGeoHub Foundation 
OpenGeoHub is a not-for-profit research foundation with headquarters in Wageningen, the Netherlands ("Stichting OpenGeoHub"). The main goal of OpenGeoHub is to promote publishing and sharing of Open Geographical and Geoscientific Data and using and developing of Open Source Software. They believe making environmental data available is key to supporting agroecology and ecosystem restoration projects, as well as other climate change mitigation projects. What you cannot measure, you cannot manage. Equally, what you cannot communicate, you cannot share. Thus, they look for many different types of people and skills. 
Key words: geographical and geoscientific data, open source, agroecology, ecosystem restoration.

Pocket Stories 
Pocket Stories connects people with unheard voices through storytelling to embrace and celebrate diversity, while re-framing a more inclusive narrative about migration through workshops, events and book/video productions. Today, they are working mainly on Roots Guide, a guidebook which brings our collective experience and expertise into a novel interactive travel guidebook which will re-frame current narratives about migration to a more holistic and inclusive narrative. Pocket Stories invites you to re-discover the people and places around you, but also yourself through storytelling. 
Key words: migration, storytelling, inclusivity 

Toekomstboeren (Future Farmers) is an organisation of peasants and prospective farmers in the Netherlands. They work on issues of access to land, peasant agroecology and food sovereignty and are a member of La Via Campesina.
Key words: peasants, farmers, land, agroecology, food sovereignty 

VluchtelingenWerk Nederland  
The Dutch Council for Refugees is an independent organisation, standing up  for the interests of refugees and asylum seekers. Together with several thousands of volunteers we support asylum seekers in reception centres and refugees in building up a new life in municipalities. 
Key words: refugees, asylum seekers, support 

 They are looking for interns that help with offering asylum-relevant information about countries of origin to (legal) aid workers of asylum seekers. The country information substantiates the credibility of the asylum report or the seriousness of a (prosecution) situation in the country of origin. A good command of Dutch and English is asked, and if possible other languages. Keep an eye out on their website for new vacancies.

Wetenschapswinkel/Science shop  
The Wageningen University & Research Science Shop is in charge of organizing research that is commissioned by non-profit civil society organisations with limited financial means. The goal of the Science Shop is to generate direct societal impact by carrying out bottom-up research and creating new bridges between science and society. 
Key words: internships, thesis, societal impact 

Current call: Action Research on sense-giving in agroecology
The Science Shop of Wageningen University (a community-based research program), coordinates a research for the Dominican Monastery in Zwolle. They submitted a research request to reflect upon the presence/absence of their own agroecological practices and to explore with them their (potential) role in supporting agroecological practices in the Zwolle area. The Dominican Monastery has invited Godfrey Nzamujo of the Songhai Center in Benin (a Zero Waste Farm) to facilitate dialogues on agroecology and sense-giving during a work week in November. Zero waste farming is an agroecological approach.​

We are looking for a master student who wants to do an action research with the Dominican Monastery, Godfrey Nzamujo and diverse actors in the Zwolle area on shared motivations to strengthen agroecological practices. Within this research, there is much freedom to decide of a specific topic and formulate your own research question. The project started half March, and will run till November 2021, so we are looking for an student who can do their research within this timeframe. Relevant fields of study could be MID, MCH, MOA, MDR or MFN. Students from other studies are also welcome to contact us. For more information, you can send an email to