OtherWise stimulates critical engagement by questioning the status quo and exploring alternative pathways towards a more environmentally and socially just world.

Coming from a critical development background, OtherWise questions and explores different development ideologies and ways of living. In the quest for sustainability many different paradigms of change are proposed and enacted.

OtherWise questions whether the current dominant ideologies such as reductionism, capitalism or modernisation are helping to create a socially and environmentally just world, and also explores and questions alternatives to the status quo. In response to the social and environmental degradation that has come along with modern developments, different groups in society call for other ways of thinking and doing. In the context of this quest OtherWise aims to question which ‘ways of thinking and doing’ enable injustice to persist, and what other ‘ways of thinking and doing’ create justice. Hereby we explore more inclusive and holistic approaches through our activities.

OtherWise also wants to raise awareness about the power of science and knowledge. Science is often thought to be value free and objective. However, we understand knowledge as constructed and situated within a certain view of the world. OtherWise believes it is important and interesting to discuss the paradigms underlying knowledge, science and research, and how they shape ideas for development.

In the face of current social and environmental injustice around the world, many grassroots initiatives are emerging organically, often led by citizens, communities, NGO’s or small companies. These initiatives are interesting test cases of possible alternative ways of living. OtherWise wants to explore the potential of these initiatives which may otherwise get little or no attention. It is important to give a voice to promising alternatives in a society that is looking for new ways of organising itself in the midst of a social and environmental crisis. They may be stepping stones towards greater inclusivity, collaboration and ecological resilience.

By organising events, such as lectures, movie nights, debates, trainings, excursions and thematic working groups, OtherWise wants to take students along on a journey towards social and environmental justice. Next to this we like to support and ‘do’ inter-collaborative initiatives, offering a playground for people to exchange ideals, ideas, knowledge, experience, dreams and ambitions. By creating a space for debate, connection and action, OtherWise inspires students and the wider (Wageningen) community to explore their own potential to bring positive change into this world.

‘We can’t solve problems with the same kind of thinking we used when we created them’ Albert Einstein

Your involvement

OtherWise is a community for people to exchange their ideals, ideas, knowledge, experiences and ambitions. Together we are a team of positive thinkers with an holistic view on the world. Does this appeal to you? Get involved with OtherWise!