New Economies

OtherWise wants to explore alternative economics, focusing on alternative currencies, bottom-up and social entrepreneurship, care and other alternative economic models. Last year, the preparations for a series on this theme were in full swing when Covid-19 shocked the world. From our home offices, we did share many articles about degrowth, GDP and coronavirus capitalism and organised an event about the latter. This year we want to focus more on these and other topics. OtherWise aims to inspire students by showcasing examples of sustainable and inclusive economic systems. In August of 2021 a degrowth conference is planned to happen in The Hague. It would be great to create momentum for this topic. Luuk Slegers, one of our interns, is organising a capita selecta on Capitalist Realism, for period 3. More information can be found under 'Capita Selecta - Capitalist Realism'.