Get involved

Do you want to be a part of a student organization that raises awareness on social and environmental justice? Would you like to see the world OtherWise and would you like to share your views and ideals with likeminded people? You are welcome to become a part of the OtherWise team.

OtherWise consists of a student board, three coordinators, volunteers and often also interns. We are a community of international students or recent graduates that
feel deeply about the current situation of our planet, and would like to work towards a more sustainable and inclusive world. OtherWise exists already for more than 20 years and we have a big network of grassroots organizations, social entrepreneurs, Wageningen University teachers and chair groups, activist organizations and other green organizations in Wageningen. Becoming a part of OtherWise means also becoming embedded in this wider Wageningen community.

You can join OtherWise through becoming a board member, volunteering or doing an
internship with us. Also we yearly have a vacancy for a new coordinator. If you are keen to organise an event of your own, this is also possible. Read more on the website or send an email to

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