Erasmus+ Internship

Do you want to gain experience working for a small NGO in Wageningen, an international student city that is very close to nature? Are you passionate about social and environmental justice? It is possible to do you Eramus+ internship at OtherWise, contact us to discuss opportunities.

As an intern, you will be responsible for organizing one or more OtherWise events. OtherWise organises lectures, movie screenings, workshops or dialogues about social and environmental justice for students of the Wageningen University, The Netherlands. Doing an internship at OtherWise means you will be part of a small team that provides inspiration and  shows ‘Other Ways’ for students. The coordinators will guide you to become embedded in the organization and encourage you to develop your own ideas and put them into practice. Since the coordinators of OtherWise work parttime, you will be expected to work quite independently after the initial work-in period. OtherWise is a dynamic organisation and we are flexible and open to new ideas and new people. Therefore we can serve as a platform from which you can explore your own interests and work on your personal development considering organizational skills, social media skills, graphic design, photography, video-making, writing reviews/journalism, etc. It is the most important to us that you are motivated and feel a connection to the vision and (some of the) topics of the organisation.

Projects that you could work in are:

-       iWEEK: our yearly summer school in July on (re)connecting to nature

-       Alternative research methods training: our yearly training in February on participatory research methods. These methods include documentary making, art-based methods and sensory methods.

-       Resistance Power and Movements: our yearly capita selecta (elective) course on empowering students to create change in the world through non-violent direct action.

-       Science & Knowledge: epistemic justice, how knowledge creation is related to power, expert knowledge vs local knowledge, etc.

-       Indigenous Knowledge

-       Gender & Diversity

-       Climate justice

-       Community and ecovillages

-       New economy, degrowth, sustainable and equitable economy

-       Social entrepreneurship

-       A topic of your own interest that fits the vision of OtherWise

We welcome interns who:

- feel connected to the themes and vision of OtherWise

- have the willingness to learn new skills

- are adaptable to changing circumstances, flexible in working hours

- are able to work independently and also in a team

- have a good proficiency in English writing and speaking

- are enthousiastic and driven!

Read here the testimonial of Marta Roca,who was an erasmus+ intern at OtherWise:

“What are you going to do in that place? Where is that Wageningen exactly? These were the two questions that people were asking me every time I told them that I was going to Wageningen to do an internship in an organization called OtherWise. I had never been in The Netherlands before so I was not able to give a confident explanation about the geographical spot where I was going to live for the next two months. Moreover, the narrative “OtherWise is an organization that wants to promote alternative knowledge among university students” seemed to be too abstract for some questioners. My answers were not convincing, but this changed as soon as I set my foot in the clockhouse. The OtherWise family welcomed me to their home in the warmest way possible. From the very beginning I felt like a valid member, with the same level of linkage and responsibilities and topics like re-connection (with nature, within people, with yourself…), sustainability, or social movements became part of my daily life. I feel that OtherWise is like an oasis of hope in a desert of pessimism. They make the amazing task of shaking your inner world by putting topics on the table that you can rarely find in the general education in spite of their importance. I believe that if the society would pay more attention to the kind of topics that OtherWise develops, things would get better. It was a pleasure to do an internship in such an oasis. Thank you very much OtherWise team!” Marta Roca, intern Oct. – Nov. 2019