Become a board member!

Are you passionate about social and environmental justice? Would you like to gain organisational experience and be a part of a local student organisation? Become a (part-time) board member at OtherWise!

Being a board member is great opportunity to develop your skills and passions. OtherWise is a playground for young people develop their ideas and connect to others in the search for a more just world. It is a space to experiment and actively engage in topics that you care about. While doing this you will have the opportunity to connect to an existing network of people working on creative bottom-up approaches for social and environmental justice.

When you become part of the OtherWise board, you will first be a general board member to get to know the organisation. Later it is possible to take up board positions such as chair, secretary or treasurer. As a board member you brainstorm about upcoming events, represent OtherWise at certain events and take up some organisational tasks. If you are interested, you are also welcome to (co)-organise events of a topic of your interest!

What you get out of it:

    • Organisational experience in a professional board
    • Doing somthing you care for
    • Being part of a team of likeminded people that share potlucks and ideas
    • Building your network
    • Get to know the Wageningen community inside-out

      Every two weeks we have a potluck board meeting where all plans for changing the world are being discussed ;)! In the summer we get together for a few days to create the plan for the next year.

      Time investment varies per week depending on what needs to be done, but on average we count on 2-4 hours. The board currently exists of 7 board members. Would you like to become a part of our team? If you have more questions, you can contact us at

      It is possible to meet us at one of our board meetings, or have a coffee/tea
      with us to see if being a board member at OtherWise is something for you.

      We look forward to meeting you!