Social Movements & People Power

During the mass protest just before the COP23 in Bonn last November, the most powerful demand was "power to the people". This environmental movement has a strong emphasis that it is time for people to be heard and challenges world power relations. But not only environmental destruction is rampaging the world, racism, sexism and xenophobia are reasons for the people to claim the streets and question existing structures. Much of the opposition against these depletions, prejudices and forms of discrimination come from local, national and international activist groups, such as feminist, migrant, and decolonization movements.

In specific, the goal of this lecture series is to ‘move’ students and make them familiar to the visible (activist) organisations today, particularly in feminism, environmentalism and post-colonialism. By doing this science and activism come close together by both supporting the education of academic schooled activists as well as by raising awareness. Next to this, we hope to support certain skills that are useful for a more activist attitude in- and outside of the academic world.