Inner Sustainability Talks #1 - Mental Health in Climate Science

Organised by Stichting Otherwise Wageningen

Thu 25 April 2019 20:00 to 22:00

Venue Impulse, gebouwnummer 115
Stippeneng 2
6708 WE Wageningen
0317 48 28 28

How do we deal with 'sad data' without going crazy?

Let's talk about Mental Health in Climate Science  - 25 April @ Impulse with:

~ dr. Henk Eskes - Satellite observations - KNMI (Dutch Meteorology Institute)
~ prof. dr. Rik Leemans - Environmental Systems Analysis - WUR
~ prof.dr. Michiel Wallis de Vries - Insect Ecology and Conservation - WUR

Are you worried about the state of the world? How do you deal with data on deconstruction and loss in our natural world? How do you  keep yourself energized and engaged?

In an open dialogue, these three scientists from the fields of climate and nature conservation will open-heartedly share their struggles with these kinds of questions in their scientific career and personal life.

The emotional aspect of facing the crisis we are in is getting increasing attention and recognition, spurring the recent introduction of terms like 'CLIMATE DEPRESSION', 'ECO-ANXIETY' and 'LANDSCAPE PAIN'.

According to The Work That Reconnects’, developed by renowned Buddhist scholar, deep Ecologist and activist Joanna Macy, destruction and loss in our natural environment inevitably lead to pain, because we are intimitely related to our environment. Joanna Macy's work emphazises the importance of addressing this pain and of engaging global issues on an emotional level in order to be able to adequately respond to global crisis. We have been exploring these ideas in the iWEEK Summer School last year and our monthly Inner Sustainability practice.

Under guidance of a moderator who will use the Work that Reconnects as a framework for the evening, the three scientists we have invited will get the space to get ‘it’ off their chest, to open some of those inner doors that are often neglected in the academic world. Also the audience is invited to step into the dialogue, using the interactive fishbowl dialogue method.

This dialogue is the first event of a three-tiered lecture series on "Inner Sustainability". You are welcome to join us in the Speakers Corner at  Impulse Wageningen UR, from 20:00 - 22:00. Entrance/participation is free.


On May 14 and May 28 two more Inner Sustainability events will follow with inspiring talks and discussions. We will soon update you on what you can expect!