And A New Year Has Begun

Published on
September 13, 2017

A new year has begun indeed and so much seems to have happened already. Let's have a look!

First of all, the academic year was kicked off with a more-than-usual attention gathering opening of the academic year with Science journalist Matt Ridley receiving the honor to protray his position on scientific optimism. His speech might have brought some life into the ongoing debate about what Wageningen University represents and whether its diversity is properly included. Time will tell.

Of course we were already busily participating in the AID info market and the Regreening weekend. It was really great to see how the Green Active Network managed to pull together at the AID infomarket to present itself to the newcomers in Wageningen student community as an increasingly tight network.

We had a lot of fun handing out little pockets of seeds with bee-friendly flower at the AID infomarket.

We kicked off the Regreening weekend with the Agrobiodiversity party with music from all over the world provided by Baobab and a healthy local & vegetarian buffet provided by Vreemde Streken.

On top of that we had a primer movie screening about agro-ecology in the hardy border region between Tajikistan and Afganisthan "Wisdom of the Mountain' at Movie W.

The movietheatre was packed and the discussion could have gone on for longer than what we had time for. All in all it was superbly organized by our intern Lilly Zeitler.

The remaining part of the Regreening weekend was also really enjoyable. While the 'base-camp' was at the squatted ecovillage Ppauw the activities were in many different places. For me personally the trip to the Ommuurde Tuin was really nice since the weather was great and and for me it was for the first time I was there.

So too the Sustainival at Ppauw was a great event with a real nice vibe that you can probably only find at a self-organized little festival like it was, even the rain could not kill the party. It did, however, rain away the theaterworkshop that we hoped to do that day.