Our team

OtherWise consisists of a team of coordinators, the foundation board and a group of volunteers.

Hey there, my name is Samira and I am a coordinator at OtherWise since September 2019. I enjoy working for OtherWise as it gives me the opportunity to work for issues that I find important such as feminism, inner sustainability and justice issues. OtherWise creates a space for reimagining our world, to become more inclusive and sustainable. I am proud of being able to contribute to creating this space.

Hi everyone, my name is Lois and since September 2019 I am a coordinator. As a master’s student of International Development, some of the topics OtherWise deals with have come up. However, I still feel like I am walking around with so many questions about the world, and because I wanted to share these with other engaged people, I joined OtherWise. At OtherWise there is space to explore further how we can make the world a more sustainable and just world and how we relate ourselves to human others and to non-human others. In my position as coordinator I hope to make this space for others as well, so people can express these thoughts and put their thoughts into action. Hope to see you!


Ahoj! My name is Lucie Sovová and I am the coordinator of the Research Mediation Program, which aims to translate questions relevant to grassroots organizations into thesis or internship opportunities for Wageningen students. I believe that science should nourish curiosity but at the same time also engage in problems our society is facing. This makes the intersection of research and activism a very exciting place to be!

Louise - As a board member for 4 years already I have become quite attached to this space called OtherWise where I can find some nice critical creative people from different backgrounds with whom I can share my thoughts and create possibilities to explore, discuss and shape an Other world... I'm grateful that the university provides this space for reflection which is often lacking in highspeed education.

Hello all, I am Inez. Next to my studies in international development, I have been involved in OtherWise since February 2017. Critical thinking has always interested me and OtherWise is a great opportunity for me to explore this and new interests. As chairperson of OtherWise, I hope that we can continue creating spaces for students to explore and share themes that are unconventional, beautiful, disturbing, and fun. If you have any great and small ideas, please contact us!

Hoi hoi, I’m Aryo, a General Board Member of OtherWise. I love what we do as a team. I think OtherWise raises pertinent and novel questions and ways of thinking. By shaking things up a bit, I feel we are able to appreciate more what it means to live/be in a community, a society, an ecosystem, on a planet and in a universe trajectory. I consider myself to be romantic, playful and hopeful, which these days I am expressing through poetry and Capoeira. My current intellectual interests are existentialism and subjective experiences, the politics of knowledge production and societal attitudes to (un)employment.

Heavy stuff perhaps but it’s also fun to deconstruct, I promise!

Hey! My name is Anastasia, I am 24 years old and study Environmental Sciences BSc in my second year at the WUR. I joined Otherwise half a year ago  as a flex-member after I stumbled across them in a lecture series at the university which they held. I was delighted to find people that like me, are not only interested in the natural sciences of things but also in the social and societal  aspects that go hand in hand with them. I am highly interested in philosphical approaches that question modern and scientific standards and rules, and have found a wonderful circle of people to share new ideas with while enjoying some nice ethical food and drink. Being able to talk about things that would be considered unconventional in many professional evironments like the ususal scheduled university setting, is helping me establish a critical point of view and will help me in my future career.
Hi! My name is Margherita Marinelli and I am currently doing my master in environmental policy and economics at Wageningen University. I started being a board member of OtherWise on February 2019. I joined this organisation because, being mainly interested and having a background in social sciences, I was looking for a group with which having the opportunity of discussing about modern day issues such as racism, sexism, inequalities and climate change through a critical approach. My main interests consists in questioning the political and economic system in which we live in in order to achieve a better quality of life for both the human and not-human inhabitants of this world.
Mieke - I studied biology at Wageningen University between 2004 and 2011 and am -after some traveling around- again living in Wageningen. After my studies, amongst other things I lived in Guatemala for two years, working for a human rights organisation. I am passionate about anything that has to do with fighting for justice, especially related to climate, ecology and agriculture. I love Otherwise, because it is a place where so many crucial issues of our times are being brought together and a place for people to think differently.
Hi! I am Hanna. In 2016, I became the treasurer of OtherWise because I felt that my interests and values fit very well in this organisation. I study international political science and I am curious and critical about how the environment and societies relate to each other. Mostly I am interested in environmental and social justice. I think that OtherWise is a great place for challenging the status quo, sharing alternative knowledge and creative thinking.