Our team

OtherWise consisists of a team of coordinators, the foundation board and a group of volunteers.

Hey! My name is Samira van der Loo and since September 2018 I am involved in OtherWise as a Coordinator. I’m passionate about facilitating shifts in perspectives about nature and social structures, from dualistic thinking towards holistic, inclusive approaches. I believe racism, sexism and dominion over nature all root from the illusion of separation and the implied dominance of one over the other. I really appreciate the name OtherWise, because OtherWise acknowledges the ‘other’ by giving a voice to humans (or nature) that are being oppressed or disregarded.
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Hi everyone, my name is Lois and from September 2019 on I will be one of the proud coordinators of OtherWise. As a master’s student of International Development, some of the topics OtherWise deals with have come up. However, I still feel like I am walking around with so many questions about the world, and because I wanted to share these with other engaged people, I joined OtherWise. At OtherWise there is space to explore further how we can make the world more sustainable and just and how we relate ourselves to human others and to non-human others. I hope to make this space for others as well, so people can express their thoughts and put these into action. Hope to see you!

Ahoj! My name is Lucie Sovová and I am the coordinator of the Research Mediation Program, which aims to translate questions relevant to grassroots organizations into thesis or internship opportunities for Wageningen students. I believe that science should nourish curiosity but at the same time also engage in problems our society is facing. This makes the intersection of research and activism a very exciting place to be!


Hi! My name is Lian Kasper and I got on board as a project coordinator for OtherWise's iWEEK summerschool of 2018 on 'Wild Wisdom: a journey in Reconnection'. I like to call myself a visionary and pioneer in the areas of personal development and nature connection. My mission is to make us all fall (back) in love with the earth and all its living creatures, so that we may take care of it and of each other!

Hi! I am Hanna. In 2016, I became the treasurer of OtherWise because I felt that my interests and values fit very well in this organisation. I study international political science and I am curious and critical about how the environment and societies relate to each other. Mostly I am interested in environmental and social justice. I think that OtherWise is a great place for challenging the status quo, sharing alternative knowledge and creative thinking.

Hello all, I am Inez. I have been involved in OtherWise since February 2017. Critical
thinking and discovering alternative pathways have always interested me, thus
being the chair of OtherWise is a great opportunity for me to explore these and new interests. Currently, I am studying international development with a focus
on social economies and gender. In the future I hope that OtherWise can continue creating spaces for students to explore and share themes that are unconventional, beautiful, disturbing, and fun in society. If you have any great and small ideas, please contact us!



Hey there, I am Preethi Sridharan and since October 2018 I joined Otherwise as a General Board member. Currently, I am the Secretary on the board. I am passionate about biodiversity conservation and understanding the dynamics between people and nature. I am curious to go deeper into understanding how people connect with nature and to what extent are people conscious of their decisions (at a local, regional, national and global level) towards a sustainable future. Being part of Otherwise is a unique opportunity to bring together people from different backgrounds, with an alternate view on society and the environment. There is something in it for everyone who likes to think out of the box.