OtherWise stimulates critical engagement by questioning the status quo and exploring alternative pathways towards a more environmentally and socially just world.

Current environmental and social issues cannot be solved with the same kind of narrow thinking used when we created them. However, creative bottom-up initiatives by citizens, communities and grassroots organizations continuously emerge in the face of injustice. OtherWise believes these initiatives contain the promise for a society transitioning towards greater inclusivity of both people and environment.

By organizing events and creating a space for debate, connection and action OtherWise inspires students and the wider (Wageningen) community to explore their own potential to bring positive change into this world.

Your involvement

OtherWise is a community for people to exchange their ideals, ideas, knowledge, experiences and ambitions. Together we are a team of positive thinkers with an holistic view on the world. Does this appeal to you? Get involved with OtherWise!