What's all the fuss about animal rights?

Organised by Stichting Otherwise Wageningen

wo 7 maart 2018 20:00 to 22:00

Venue Vreemde Streken

In this lecture we will focus on animal rights activism. OtherWise has invited Hanneke Nijland (WUR) and Shivonne Engen (Direct Action & Save Movement) who will tell you first person memoirs of their experiences with doing activism or documenting it.

The doors of Vreemde Streken open at 19.30 so you can enjoy a drink before the event starts. We hope to have an inspiring evening together.

About the Speakers:

Hanneke J. Nijland, independent researcher and part-time lecturer at the Strategic Communication group of the WUR, has performed extensive research on human-animal relations. Her talk will guide you through the various ways people talk and behave with regard to animal farming and meat consumption. She will discuss existing arguments for meat eating as well as vegetarianism and veganism, touching on personal choice, human rights, sustainability and more. Her talk will not only provide insight into how these 'clusters of reasoning and behavior' are interlinked and help you understand your own and others' discourses, but also shed light on the motivations underlying different forms of animal activism.

Shivonne Engen is a full-time animal rights activist. She will talk about what it’s like to be a voice for the animals, being on the front line of the animal rights movement. She will explain her motivations for doing direct action and why disruption is effective for the animal rights movement. Lastly, she will share her experiences bearing witness outside slaughterhouses and liberating animals.