Science Shop project: Beyond Fair trade? Commoning and health care

Published on
June 11, 2019

Are you interested in commoning, meaningful transnational cooperation and health care? Thesis opportunities are available in a project organized by the Science Shop and Africa In Motion.

Africa In Motion

Africa In Motion (AIM) is a foundation, which unites African Diaspora in the Netherlands with the aim of enhancing socio-economic emancipation of Africa. AIM recognizes the ambition of African Diaspora to fulfil their dreams in their home countries, and AIM acknowledges the situated knowledge and expertise African Diaspora have about home and host country. In practice AIM functions as a broker to connect African Diaspora in the Netherlands with African and Dutch social entrepreneurs.

Community based research

Little is known about the role of brokers, in particular of self-organisations of Diaspora groups such as Africa In Motion, in supporting transnational entrepreneurship. Transnational feminist literacy practices and commoning are concepts to study transnational partnerships without market competition, such as the establishment of a health care centre. At the moment Africa In Motion supports two Diaspora entrepreneurs who are starting up health care centres, namely an elderly care project in Ghana and in Kenya.

The Science Shop looks for a master student, who likes to do his/her thesis on one or two commoning practices in health care.

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