Internship: Running an Ecoliteracy school with primary school children

Published on
April 15, 2019

From May 2019 onward the Droevendaal Food Forest has place for an internship student who is willing to co-implement the Ecoliteracy School project in the Food Forest.

The oldest pupils (group 7 and 8, 11 and 12 years of age) of the Eureka school in Bennekom, which is a special school for gifted children, will start on Friday May 10 with a weekly gardening programme in the Droevendaal Food Forest. The programme will continue at least until the summer break starting in July 2019.

The Ecoliteracy school team consisting of Olivia Elsenpeter (internship student), Eva Zweers (volunteer), Bart Venhorst (teacher at Eureka School) and Kees van Veluw (FSE teacher) is looking for an extra internship student to run the project.

The programme is based on the book: Earth care, people care and fair share in education; the children in permaculture manual by Lusi Alderslowe (

Understanding basic Dutch is a preference but not a must. Patience and openness to work with children is a must!

Tasks of the internship student:

- Fine tuning the weekly programme

- Helping the team implementing the weekly programme

- Implementing a small research related to the Ecoliteracy school. The topic is decided together with the team.

More info: Kees van Veluw

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