Resistance, Power & Movements

In 2018, OtherWise organised a 3 ECTs capita selecta on Non-Violent Resistance. In February 2019 we received information that Build Your Movement and Michiel Köhne and Elisabet Rasch, working in the Sociology of Development and Change group at the WUR, were designing a course on movement building and political agency. As we were planning a second edition of the capita selecta on non-violent resistance, we suggested to join forces and create one course together. From this the 4 ECTs capita selecta on Resistance, Power and Movements emerged.

The course takes place from September till December. The course provides a space for students to explore their agency in society and how they relate to power. Michiel Köhne and Elisabet Rasch provide the academic theory and Build Your Movement facilitates interactive workshops from their experience as trainers. During the course, students are guided to design and perform their own legal public protest in small groups. A major aspect of the learning process is experiential learning. There is also a focus on group work and internal dynamics.

The aim of this course is to inspire 3rd year BSc and MSc students to explore their own potential to bring positive change to this world by creating space for debate, connection and action. Students will be inspired by bottom-up initiatives in which people take matters into their own hands and actively embody or promote creative alternatives to the status quo. This course is designed to tickle the students’ senses, creativity, and imagination through jointly creating (a) space to bring change and ‘do’ politics.