Internship: Fundraising and social entrepreneurship in Ethiopia

Published on
May 8, 2019

PADet, an Ethiopian NGO with a long tradition and broad scope, is offering an internship with focus on fundraising, social entrepreneurship and development program evaluation. Starting date is possible already in June 2019.

PADet (Professional Alliance for Development, Ethiopia) is an indigenous non-governmental and non-profit organization established in 1998 with the vision of improving the wellbeing of children, youth and women. The organization carries out participatory development programs on the following topics:

Food security
PADet implements projects that contribute to food security and building resilience of food insecure vulnerable groups and households by adopting integrated approaches which include interventions such as introducing improved seed, building small-scale irrigation etc. Moreover, PADet promotes rural youth employment and provides livelihood support for creation of youth employment. 

Child protection
PADet is working on prevention of child trafficking, tracking safe movements of children. We facilitate reunification of migrant children and support vulnerable children using coalition of care/ community child protection structures.

Sexual and reproductive health
PADet organizes educational events on reproductive health for adolescents. It supports parents and guardians of children from low income families and promotes maternal health by educating birth attendants and advising pregnant women.

Primary education
PADet works on advancing primary education through introducing accelerated education and interventions that improve quality of education in primary schools. It facilitates community services such as school and youth clubs.

HIV/AIDS prevention, care and support
PADet works on prevention of HIV/AIDS among high risk groups like commercial sex workers and daily labourers along major towns and road corridors. It also ensures provision of community based support for highly vulnerable children using coalition care support structures.

Currently, PADet is recruiting interns to:
- develop promotional materials that can be used for PR and fundraising
- assist with fundraising
- assist with preparing a business plan for social entrepreneurship
- carry out an evaluation of some of PADet's programs.
- support in developing the revised strategic plan for 2020-25. 

The intern should preferably have a background in economics or development. Important skills include project development, writing, facilitation, presentation, documenting good practices and cases and developing fundraising tools.

The length of the internship is 3 - 4 months, starting from June 2019 (negotiable). For more information please visit, or contact Mr. Amare Worku <>