Wild Wisdom: a Journey in Reconnection iWeek 2018

The iWeek is our yearly summer school inviting students to an interactive full-week experience unlike what is commonly offered at Wageningen University. The iWeek is an experimental playground for innovation, interaction and intuition. During this week, students are introduced to various alternative theories and practices which can shape new ways of relating to ourselves and the world around us.

In this year’s iWeek, we will use various nature-based methods to discover ‘Connection’: to ourselves, to others and to the world. What is Connection? What does it mean ‘to be connected’? Why is it important? How do we know when we are connected, and how do we know when we are not? What keeps us from connecting, and what can we do when we do not feel connected?

At Otherwise we believe that in order to build a sustainable world, we need to (re-) connect to the web of life: to ourselves, to others and to the nature around us. When we truly connect rather than to separate ourselves, we feel empathy, and from empathy comes the willingness to support and take action that is in line with life, nurturing growth rather than destruction.

In this week we will take a journey in Connection. We will question what connection means to us and what it could mean to the world. We will explore our connection to ourselves and our inner wisdom, our connection and compassion to others, and our connection to the world and the nature around us.

What you can expect:

  • Discovering creative and intuitive methods in personal development, communication, and nature connection.
  • Active and embodied exercises that challenge you to get out of your comfort zone
  • An intimate group process in which we aim to create a bedding in which we can open our hearts to each other
  • Getting in touch with your own power as well as with the power of being together and being in nature!
  • Explore what this all can mean in your daily life and projects In this journey, nature will be our guide and mentor.

We will be using tools and exercises coming from various old and new nature-based traditions in order to allow us to take steps in reconnection.

This training week is meant for students and recent graduates that are looking for a chance to balance the predominantly rational and individualistic (university) life with a more embodied, empathic and communal way of knowing and being.

To nourish your enthousiasm, have a glance at the full program here.

For practical information and to subscribe for the training, please follow this link. The deadline for subscription is the 17th of June.

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