Stories. The Urge to Tell

Otherwise offered a movie program on Latin American Cinema in Wageningen. In this movie program we explored how histories of oppression and resistance are accessible through stories.

Stories are special, they belong to all of us. Through stories we connect to things bigger than ourselves, like histories, places far away, nature and morality. As soon as we tap into the experiential, stories become a big part of how we understand the things around us. Through stories we humans exist.

Stories belong to all of us. There are small stories and there are big stories. There are stories that slip through the cracks of how things are generally understood and remembered. The telling of stories can be an act of rememberance of histories left in the dark about to be forgotten. This is how the telling of stories can be an act of resistance.

To tell stories you only need a voice, but you also need an audience. Who will be the audience, who will tell the stories?