Secret Garden @ Thuis

Behind Thuis there is a little Secret Garden that is waiting to be turned into something beautiful. We have been asked by Thuis to take care of this and so we made many plans to make this garden into a small experiment in sustainable gardening.

We invite you to roll up your sleeves and join us to create a garden behind Wageningen's infamous social hub THUIS.

We had the the very first gardening event at the new Secret Garden behind Thuis on Sunday 24th of September at the national “Burendag” day, sponsored by OranjeFonds, We expect this gardening session is the start of our first, long-term collaboration with Thuis.

We want to create a little herb garden, a corner for perennial vegetables and a slope with fruitbearing bushes and a corner for butterfly friendly plans in this little spot. Over the course of the coming year we will organize gardening days to make this dream a reality.

From this, we hope many more events will sprout, all centered around the goal to gradually turn the hidden garden in thebackyard of Thuis into a little permaculture-inspired paradise.