Research Mediation Program

OtherWises Research Mediation Program functions as a democratic knowledge exchange platform. We aim to support research projects connected with ground level realities and share inspiring practices that have emerged from the grassroots. Otherwise connects students of Wageningen University with grassroots organisations, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

The aim of the Research Mediation Programme (RMP) is to increase access of academic knowledge to grassroots organisations, whilst providing exciting research opportunities for Wageningen students. OtherWise mediates of a range of thesis assignments, research projects and internships. In most cases, OtherWise acts as the broker between the grassroots organisation proposing a research initiative and the student participant. This provides the opportunity for students to engage in research projects connected with ground level realities, whilst grassroots organisations obtain access to research and information that would otherwise remain inaccessible.

Research and internship opportunities

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