Inner Sustainability

In order to build a sustainable world, we need to (re-) connect to the web of life: to ourselves, to others and to the nature around us. We believe that real sustainability starts from within.  When we truly connect rather than to separate ourselves, we feel empathy, and from empathy comes the willingness to support and take action that is in line with life. 

Inner sustainability makes us compassionate operators in our ecosystem by making us realize we are integral parts of it. There is no separation, we are intricately connected to all life. As long as other people and other life forms are recognised as part of a whole that we all belong to, it becomes very difficult to do harm to another being. When this connectedness is experienced consciously, decisions are made differently than when we presume to be on our own. This embodied sense of sustainability and interconnectedness is what we call ‘Inner Sustainability’.

Inner sustainability was the biggest theme of the academic year 2018-2019. Otherwise organized 8 workshops, three inner sustainability talks and the iWEEK summer school around this theme. In the workshops, we actively engaged students to (re)connect with the natural environment and with each other. In the inner sustainability talks, we stimulated dialogue and gave space for students and teachers to share their experience of the climate crisis and how they cope with negative information about the state of our planet.

iWeek Summer School 2020

The iWEEK is an experimental playground for innovation, interaction and intuition. During this week, students and recent graduates are introduced to various alternative theories and practices

At the end of this academic year, right after the exams in period 6, we will again organise the iWEEK during which we will focus on the theme of Inner Sustainability in an experiential and interactive way. In July 2018 and July 2019, this approach came out as a great success; the participants felt this training to be very meaningful to their development.


The 2020 edition will be very similar to the previous two iWEEKs, diving into the world of “Connection”. The organising team will consist of Lian Kasper, Louise van der Stok and Samira van der Loo. Themes and methods that passed the revue under the professional guidance of various trainers - and which will most likely be included again this time - are as followed:

- The Work that Reconnects

- Personal Leadership Exercises

- Shadow and Embodiment work

- Nonviolent Communication

- Theater of the Oppressed

- Community Building

- Dragon Dreaming

- Deep Nature Connection / the Art of Mentoring

We will spend most of our time outdoors in the nature around Wageningen, with our base camp located at Ecovillage Ppauw. During the week we will work towards a transformative solo experience in a nearby nature area.

This year we would like to pay more attention to diversity and inclusivity in the iWEEK. Also we will have more creative exercises in which students are invited to express what they experience during the iWEEK.

Our team of three behind the Inner Sustainability Practice is not professionally accredited in the methodologies and exercises we guide you through. However, the themes of the workshops are not new to us either. Some methods we encountered on our paths in workshops and trainings, really captured our hearts. We felt a strong urge to share these ‘inner sustainable’ experiences with you. So being on this big learning-journey ourselves, we hope - by practicing together with you – for us all to grow!