Inner Sustainability Practice

After a successful iWEEK summer training on 'wild wisdom' in July this year, OtherWise will continue exploring the topics of connection to nature, sustainable activism and our personal role and voice in the challenges of these times through monthly 'inner sustainability' workshops. In order to build a sustainable world, we need to (re-) connect to the web of life: to ourselves, to others and to the nature around us. When we truly connect rather than to separate ourselves, we feel empathy, and from empathy comes the willingness to support and take action that is in line with life. The Inner Sustainability workshops are a chance to discover sustainability from within, as well as to meet, exchange and keep up a regular practice of nature-based methods.

Our team of three behind the Inner Sustainability Practice is not professionally accredited in the methodologies and exercises we guide you through. However, the themes of the workshops are not new to us either. Some methods we encountered on our paths in workshops and trainings, really captured our hearts. We felt a strong urge to share these ‘inner sustainable’ experiences with you. So being on this big learning-journey ourselves, we hope - by practicing together with you – for us all to grow!

Upcoming workshops

= January 19 =

Social Presencing Theatre with Mali Boomkens.

In this intuitive and body-based workshop, we will practice two main exercises of Social Presencing Theater (SPT). This is a methodology that has been developed under the leadership of Arawana Hayashi for understanding current reality and exploring emerging future possibilities.

At its core lies Theory U, a theory “that shows how to update the operating code in our societal systems through a shift in consciousness from ego-system to eco-system awareness.” (Presencing Institute).

We will start with a mindful warming-up exercise. From there we move into the so-called “stuck exercise”. Then, if the group is big enough (min 14 participants), we can try out the “4D Mapping” exercise which builds up on the previous one. After both exercises we make some time for reflection and sharing. You can read and watch more about the methodology here:

= February 23 =

Nature awareness excercises with Louise vd Stok.
More info will follow later!