Global Guests

Global Guests is a project of OtherWise in which international students from Wageningen University will provide guest lectures on global citizenship.

The global Guests project aims to enhance pupils’ awareness and understanding of global challenges, which can be social, environmental or political. In the long run this awareness stimulates the young innovative minds of pupils to co-produce inventive solutions for these challenges. 

As the name indicates, Global Guest has a global scope. Not only are the origins of the GG students reach worldwide, also the content of their classes will be crossing borders. With 20 Global Guest sessions in the period of February - May 2017 over 550 high-school pupils will be reached. University students and pupils at secondary schools will exchange their ideas and knowledge on these challenges. We are all guests on this planet which comes with responsibilities and the Global Guest project will enhance consciousness on this in a stimulating way.

You will visit secondary school classes and give a presentation to pupils (15-19 years old) in English. The presentation will concern your home country, studies in Wageningen and a topic that relates to social- and environmental justice (since this is a project of the OtherWise).

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