Pre-Registration Open: Alternative Research Methods Training

Published on
October 29, 2019

On the 10th-14th of February 2020, the second edtion of the Alternative Research Methods Training will take place. Following the success of last year’s “Hands-on Training on Participatory and Visual Methods”, this training promises to be an exiciting, interactive course that will provide students with tools and insight in how to do research 'OtherWise'.

OtherWise strives to provide critical perspectives on research and education, explore different ways of learning and increase the diversity of approaches to research and knowledge. It is by providing alternatives that we can properly position and evaluate the dominant narratives in research that we mostly assume unquestioningly. Through this training, we aim to create dialogue on scientific methods and provide opportunities for students to learn indepth about alternative research methods. The training will have a interactive and hands-on character.

In the course you will learn how to design, practice and carry out fieldwork in three alternative research methodological approaches using:
1. Visual and other sensory-based methods,
2. storytelling and other arts-based approaches,
3. And intuitive/felt senses methods.

Do you want to receive the course schedule when it is ready? Send an email to with the name ‘pre-registration Alternative Research Methods Training’, and we will keep you updated!