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Subscribe to our Global Guests Program!

You can now subscribe to our Global Guests program, which is a great side-job opportunity for international students!

In the Global Guests Program, international students give guest lectures or workshops at secondary schools near Wageningen.

Topics of a Global Guest lesson may relate to:

  • Your story: specifically about the country you grew up as well as your time in / choice for The Netherlands
  • Our common planet: topic of your interest which relates to sustainability and global challenges
  • Exactly: any lesson with specific course content (as an addition to the secondary school curriculum) or teaching in your native language

Some of the many benefits when you join:

  • Professional personal training and assistance in preparing your session
  • A financial compensation (€ 35 up to € 50,- per school visit)
  • An introduction to Dutch schools you would normally not enter and an unforgettable experience with teenagers and teachers at a school in The Netherlands!

How does it work?

  • You subscribe by sending an e-mail to our Global Guest project coordinator Suzanna van der Meer via, mentioning:

    1. "Global Guest" in the subject
    2. Your nationality / countries you lived and languages
    3. Your study and topics you want to provide a lesson about
    4. Your availability in 2017-2018 (as far as you can foresee)
  • A list of this info will go to secondary schools around Wageningen.
  • Depending on the demand of the schools, we will contact you and plan the guest-lecture together.
  • We provide a free professional training-session beforehand.

Read more about the Global Guest Program by clicking here.

We hope to hear from you!