Save Henk's Tiny House Challenge

Organised by Stichting Otherwise Wageningen

Thu 26 April 2018 until Sun 29 April 2018 17:30

Venue Bosrandweg, Mobile Ecovillage Ppauw

In the forest just on the outskirts of Wageningen there is an ecovillage, right where the old Pieter Pauw hospital used to be. The name of the ecovillage is Ppauw, and for the past four years people have been building a low impact community using sustainable construction and permaculture techniques.

Last year was a very heavy year for the community. A new road was built on the property, to connect to the refugee centre that is right behind Ppauw. Because of this, and to remove the foundations of the old hospital, much of the infrastructure (including the beautiful communal building known as “the Modderschip”) had to be broken down. All this construction/destruction ripped open the landscape, resulting in heavy erosion that is eating away the land, even threatening the newly constructed road.

Not too long ago, the inhabitants of Ppauw heard they can stay for at least another 3 years! As a result Ppauw is now re-establishing itself more ambitiously than ever! They have already rebuilt many of the old buildings and they have plans to recreate the permaculture garden. Before they can do this they need to address the erosion on-site, which is also threatening to drag inhabitant Henk’s beautiful Tiny House into the abyss!

In other words, something needs to be done here!
And guess what, YOU are going to do it!

Are you interested in landscape restoration and erosion control? Are you looking for ways to bridge the gap between theory and practice? Are you up for a challenge?

Then join the Save Henk’s Tiny House Challenge!
In this challenge you will start with a crash course in erosion control and you will be challenged to apply your newly acquired right away!

The challenge is workshop and a contest at the same time. It will take place during the National Permaculture weekend organized in Ppauw in the weekend of the 27th, 28th & 29th of April

During the challenge you will:
• Attend a lecture for the necessary background information!
• Carry out an observation exercise and see nature in real life!
• Take on the erosion at Ppauw and save Henk’s Tiny House!

So sign up now, either individually or with a team!