Reflection sessions Capita Selecta

These two reflective sessions are part of the Capita Selecta Moral Compass. During this Capita Selecta we explore this theme in relation to international conflict and participate in the conference Bridge to the Future.

Organised by Stichting Otherwise Wageningen

Wed 20 September 2017 12:20 to 13:15

Thu 5 October 2017 13:30 to 15:15

Room Leeuwenborch, building number 201, room 3011

In the first reflective session, on Wednesday the 20th of September, Leon Pijnenburg will give you an introduction on how philosophers look at moral dilemmas. This may help you in thinking about your paper. Since this lecture was originally not part of the initial course description, it is not obligatory to participate. This lecture is also open to students who are not subscribed to the capita selecta course. If you already have an idea about the topic for your paper, and whether you will write it alone or in a pair, you can share this during this session.

On Thursday the 5th of October, the last session of the Moral Compass course will take place. We will look back on the reading material, the conference and discuss your plans for the essay assignment.