Participatory and Visual Research: a Hands-on Training

Organised by Stichting Otherwise Wageningen

Mon 11 February 2019 until Thu 14 February 2019

OtherWise organizes a four day training which will bring together researchers from different backgrounds with the aim to provide support for students who are curious to explore ways of doing research outside the mainstream methodology textbooks. 

Specifically, we want to focus on: 

• research methods which bring novel perspectives on the roles and relations of people involved in a research situations (discussing issues of participation, researcher involvement, knowledge sharing dynamics etc.) 

• visual methods as way to gain new perspectives and include more voices in all stages of research

The course will start from theoretical accounts from methodology as philosophy of science on the contributions of different research approaches. These will be followed by practical examples and hands-on exercises where students get to experiment with research designs and methods. Our reflections shall touch upon the entire research process, from determining the studied topic and formulating research question, through data collection, analysis and formulation of conclusions, to dissemination of knowledge. 

Save the date, more information will follow!