Modern Slavery & The End of Poverty

From September 21st until October 11th Impulse will host the awe-inspiring photo exhibition 'Open your Eyes' on the theme of subject of Modern Slavery. We will host a movie screening on poverty and modern slavery to provide an opportunity for those who wish to deepen their engagement with this hard to digest subject

Organised by Stichting Otherwise Wageningen

Thu 5 October 2017 20:30 to 22:30

Venue Clock House, building number 351
Generaal Foulkesweg 37
6703 BL Wageningen

"The End of Poverty?" (2009) is a provocative documentary from the hands of award winning documentary maker Philippe Diaz.

The film shows that current poverty is no accident, but that it is in fact rooted in history. This history of conquest, slavery and colonization will be revisited in this documentary. The film does not only deal with the past, it will illustrate the connection of the past to the present in the form of unequal debt, trade and tax policy.

This evening is organized as a part of the Modern Slavery themed Photo exhibition 'Open your Eyes' that is to be seen @ Impulse from September 21st until October 11th.