Launch! Ecosystem restoration community RENEW

The interest for the restoration of landscapes is growing. We want to bring those who are enthusiastic together. All of us are lucky to be in Wageningen, because we know that Wageningen is uniquely situated to bring together different disciplines that are relevant for ecosystem restoration practices. With Otherwise we aspire to connect enthusiasts all over the world from this location.

Organised by Stichting Otherwise Wageningen

Thu 19 April 2018 19:30 to 22:00

Thu 19 April 2018 19:30 to 22:00

Venue Thuis, Stationstraat 32

We know that many students are unhappy by their lack of practical skills before going out into the field after their studies. Therefore we are launching the RENEW project to empower students with the practical skills that they are looking for! Through RENEW we plan to organise workshops, trainings, network events and excursions based around the theme of ecosystem restoration. Think of topics such as erosion control, soil rehabilitation, water harvesting, reforestation, and so forth.

Doing so, we want to play our part in making it easier for people to actually make genuine change and reverse the desertification trend, whilst creating a community of people who have a shared passion for ecosystem restoration.

If this has piqued your interest, please join our launch event!

During this event we will further present our idea and also give the floor to a guest speaker, Roeland Lelieveld. Roeland Lelieveld is associated with Africa Woodrgow, an association that focusses on grassroots restoration and reforestation in Kenia.

He recently drew attention by being elected to the list of 100 of the most sustainable young citizens of the Netherlands. We invited him because we think his story of grassroots action for reforestation is truly inspiring and we want to hear more.

19:30 Walk-in
20:00 Presentation of RENEW & our personal stories
20:45 Break
21:00 Guest speaker Roeland Lelieveld
21:45 Q&A/Discussion
22:30 Drinks

Cost: 3€