Goodbye RENEW

Published on
September 11, 2018

After a long take off period the time has come for RENEW (Restoration network Wageningen) to depart from Otherwise Foundation. Jurre Zwart (ex-coordinator OtherWise) and Kris (former Secretary OtherWise) will decrease their involvement with the Otherwise Foundation and intensify their engagement with RENEW, their common dream.

OtherWise supported RENEW in giving the organisation a space to develop itself. In the process many people were engaged with ecosystem restoration work. Over the past year RENEW has prepared for this moment of departure. We are proud to have been a part of the emergence of RENEW.

After returning from an amazing trip to Almeria in the South of Spain RENEW is more motivated than ever to continue the work that they are doing. They will be back soon with more plans and ideas for ecosystem restoration and inspiring and engaging people.

The trip to Spain was a real learning experience for everyone involved and it was a stark reminder of the need to restore the soils in the wake of climate change.

If you are interested in ecosystem restoration, you can follow RENEW on Facebook at RENEW – Restoration Network Wageningen. Here you can find more information about the trip to Spain. There will be a story session on this soon, so stay tuned.

You can contact RENEW via
and they hope to have a website soon.

Stay in touch if you want to know more about ecosystem restoration!