Board Vacancy - Treasurer

Would you like to participate in a local student organisation? Would you like to learn about the management and strategy side of organisations? Do you want to develop your numeracy skills? If so, OtherWise would like to hear from you. We are looking for a treasurer!

OtherWise is a local student organisation that stimulates critical engagement by challenging the status quo and exploring alternative pathways towards a more environmentally and socially just world.

As a treasurer you oversee the budget of OtherWise and you manage payments and declarations. You work together with the rest of the board on the annual financial plan. Next to the specific tasks of being a treasurer, there is space to take responsibility over particular themes or projects as a general board member or organise your own project! The structure of the organisation is not hierarchical, so most of the time board members and coordinators work side by side in the organisation of events.  

Being a board member is a great opportunity to develop your skills and passions. OtherWise is a playground for young people where they can develop their ideas and connect to others in the search of a more just world. It is a space to experiment and actively engage in topics that you care about. While doing this you will have the opportunity to connect to an existing network of people working on creative bottom-up approaches for social and environmental justice.

Treasurer – The "fearless budgeteer"

  • Overseeing the budget
  • Prepare the annual financial plan
  • Cash management

What you get out of it:

  • Experience in a professional board
  • Doing something you care for
  • A lot of fun working with the OtherWise community
  • A chance to explore other ways
  • Building a network

Every two weeks we have a nice potluck board meeting where all plans for changing the world are being discussed! In the summer we get together for a few days to create the plan for the next year.

Time investment varies per week depending on what needs to be done, but on average we count on 2-4 hours. If you have more questions, you can contact us at

We look forward to meeting you!