Cancelled - Imagine Otherwise - 20 years lustrumweek

Organised by Stichting Otherwise Wageningen

Sun 15 March 2020 12:00 until Fri 20 March 2020 23:59

To our regret we have decided that the activities of next week cannot continue due to the Corona virus outbreak. We were looking forward to celebrate the lustrum week of OtherWise together, but with the situation now, this would not be ethically responsible. We hope to postpone these activities and to celebrate the lustrum another time.


OtherWise is existing 20 years and we are celebrating this with a lustrum week full of activities!

Over the past 20 years, OtherWise has given a stage to grassroot organisations, movements and other changemakers to showcase alternatives to dominant ways of thinking, doing and being in this world. Not only do we question the status-quo and stimulate critical thinking, we also offer trainings and capita selecta that help transform our education system. When we think about moving towards an inclusive, sustainable world, to imagine that world is the first step in realising it. OtherWise has been providing exactly this: a space in wihch we can reinmagine our society, the way we do and think about science and ourselves as human beings. Therefore we proudly present to you the theme of our 20 years lustrum: Imagine Otherwise!

In this lustrum that takes place from 15th until 20th March 2020 OtherWise organizes several events that centralize imagination. We will start the lustrum week with a reunion, and actively remembering the roots and history of OtherWise. During the rest of the lustrumweek, we will have a different OtherWise topic each day:

- Diversity & gender
- Alternative economics and degrowth
- Science & knowledge
- Inner sustainability
- Resistance and movements

And on Friday, we will close the lustrum week with a party, celebrating our 20 years of existance!

Stay in touch with our Facebook page to be updated about the events that will take place during the lustrum week!

Imagine Otherwise - The OtherWise lustrum theme:

“I was taught as a child on my homeworld that Truth is a matter of the imagination. The soundest fact may fail or prevail in the style of its telling...Facts are no more solid, coherent, round, and real than pearls are. But both are sensitive” - Ursula Le Guin ‘The Left Hand of Darkness’

To imagine is to be able to play with wisdom/the truth. It is being able to envision a different reality in ours mind that can eventually manifest through our actions in the world. Playing with the boundaries of rationality and facts by offering a place for imagination, OtherWise has been central in critical thinking at Wageningen University over the last 20 years.

In a world where racism, sexism, intolerance and violent practices towards people and planet exist, it is crucial to re-imagine our world. Imagination is a means we can all access and cannot be controlled, and is a powerful kernel for change. Therefore to imagine otherwise is a tool for addressing the many challenges we are facing on the planet.

We hope to praise OtherWise’s existence over the last 20 years in Wageningen where we commemorate the people, activities, and thoughts that we played with these years. Moreover, we want to celebrate our past and current imaginations as a daily reality of Wageningen students.