New Economy

The world is changing fast. Challenges and opportunities are presenting themselves alongside of each other.

We have all heard about the challenges; climate is changing and it is changing faster than predicted. Water becomes more scarce, so do fertile grounds and the metals and minerals we use in our everyday appliances and the wilderness is disappearing together with all beautiful and curious creatures in it. We cannot expect that our society and economy are not affected and stay the same.

We have the opportunity to redefine the rules to secure a future where sustainability, solidarity and wellbeing can be guaranteed for all in a new economic system. Therefore we need to seriously start to consider the opportunities that the moment presents to us.

Many people are already searching for the outlines of a new economy  that we all can embrace. This is why we need to have a real conversation about the possibilities that are out there.  The longer we wait the more the future will decide for us, rather than that we choose a new way to prosper for ourselves.

Otherwise wants to create a space for such conversations to take place. Our aim is to create a stage where visionaries for a new economy in all its varieties can present themselves. We hope to contribute in Wageningen to a wider awareness of the novel ways in which economic activities are organized and practiced already today. In these new practices and organizational forms we try to detect the contours of a new economy; the possibilities of a new economy; the best ways to move towards a transition!


 One would have to admit immediately that the subject of transition to a new more sustainable and fair economy is highly complex. This is why we will move between different perspectives and angles. The list of subjects that correspond to the search for a new economy is endless. We could start with speaking about something  such as:

  • What values might characterize a new economy;
  • What networks are already working on establishing new business models;
  • What such business models might look like;
  • What kind of macroeconomic vision underlies such business models;
  • What policies could help to shift towards a new economic paradigm better and faster.

We aim to cover as many subjects as we can one by one. Join us so we can search together for the most inspirational stories and the best possibilities to move forward.

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